About Tretter’s Chips

How do we produce our products?

Check out how Tretter's Chips products are made.

Tretter's Chips are made of:

  • Celery, beets, carrots and parsnips
  • Without palm oil!
  • With real spices
  • in the Czech Republic

Tretter’s Chips vegetables

Tretter's Chips from Beet, Celery, Carrot and Parsnip

Tretter's chips are an alternative to classic potato chips, with the difference that they are pure vegetable chips that are naturally gluten free and do not contain starch. Tretter's Chips are made from the finest vegetables and are made in two basic 1. beet mixes with celery and a 2. carrot with a parsnip. From other manufacturers, Tretter's Chips are distinguished mainly by being produced in the Czech Republic and containing true spices!

Tretter's Chicharrones

Tretter's Chicharrones contain 69% of the protein and are made in salt and horseradish flavors. We believe that Tretter's Chicharrones will be primarily fvourite among men and that you will find them in every good pub! Enjoy it!

Tretter's Chips - brand

For already 3 years the company has been producing and releasing to both Czech and international market a range of vegetable chips with the brand name TRETTER´S.. The Tretter’s Chips originally developed 13 years ago as a snack served with drinks in Tretter’s Bar in Prague. The first flavour of Celery and Beet with Provence herbs was shortly followed by others so that today there exist 6 flavours, including for example Carrot and Parsnip with black pepper. At present our company produces and sells products of its own brand Tretter’s as well as of some customers’ private brands both inland and for export... The flavours we develop in cooperation with professional labs are continuously tested directly by consumers and the best are released to the market. Vegetable chips are a naturally gluten-free alternative to the classic potato chips (crisps). Moreover they contain no starch. More exclusive snacks of the brand Tretter’s Chips for your moments of relax or celebrations or just for your munchie moods are soon to come...

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